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Rinderbraten: German Spiced Roast Beef. This is prepared from the large round and stuffed with rolled pork fat of saltpeter, allspice, cloves, red pepper, salt, and brown sugar. Once the seasoned pork fat is packed into the round, the round is immersed in salt water (brine) for approximately six weeks, at which point, it is brought to a boil and then lowered to a simmer until tender. Today, few people, if any, allow the round to sit in brine for six weeks so there are many recipe versions wherein the spiced round is cooked much quicker. Essentially, it is a whole beef round that is filled with fat and spices, cinnamon being a key spice, then wrapped in cheesecloth, placed in pan, brought to a boil and then simmered in salt water or a red wine marinade along with assorted vegetables, typically carrots, celery and tomatoes, until it is nice and tender. It usually takes around 2 hours cooking time at a simmer.